Using Pepper Flash Plugin

Electron now supports the Pepper Flash plugin. To use the Pepper Flash plugin in Electron, you should manually specify the location of the Pepper Flash plugin and then enable it in your application.

Prepare a Copy of Flash Plugin

On OS X and Linux, the details of the Pepper Flash plugin can be found by navigating to chrome://plugins in the Chrome browser. Its location and version are useful for Electron's Pepper Flash support. You can also copy it to another location.

Add Electron Switch

You can directly add --ppapi-flash-path and ppapi-flash-version to the Electron command line or by using the app.commandLine.appendSwitch method before the app ready event. Also, add the plugins switch of browser-window. For example:

// Specify flash path.
// On Windows, it might be /path/to/pepflashplayer.dll
// On OS X, /path/to/PepperFlashPlayer.plugin
// On Linux, /path/to/
app.commandLine.appendSwitch('ppapi-flash-path', '/path/to/');

// Specify flash version, for example, v17.0.0.169
app.commandLine.appendSwitch('ppapi-flash-version', '');

app.on('ready', function() {
  mainWindow = new BrowserWindow({
    'width': 800,
    'height': 600,
    'web-preferences': {
      'plugins': true
  mainWindow.loadURL('file://' + __dirname + '/index.html');
  // Something else

Enable Flash Plugin in a <webview> Tag

Add plugins attribute to <webview> tag.

<webview src="" plugins></webview>