The process object in Electron has the following differences from the one in upstream node:

  • process.type String - Process's type, can be browser (i.e. main process) or renderer.
  • process.versions['electron'] String - Version of Electron.
  • process.versions['chrome'] String - Version of Chromium.
  • process.resourcesPath String - Path to JavaScript source code.
  • process.mas Boolean - For Mac App Store build, this value is true, for other builds it is undefined.


Event: 'loaded'

Emitted when Electron has loaded its internal initialization script and is beginning to load the web page or the main script.

It can be used by the preload script to add removed Node global symbols back to the global scope when node integration is turned off:

// preload.js
var _setImmediate = setImmediate;
var _clearImmediate = clearImmediate;
process.once('loaded', function() {
  global.setImmediate = _setImmediate;
  global.clearImmediate = _clearImmediate;



Setting this to true can disable the support for asar archives in Node's built-in modules.


The process object has the following method:


Causes the main thread of the current process hang.

process.setFdLimit(maxDescriptors) OS X Linux

  • maxDescriptors Integer

Sets the file descriptor soft limit to maxDescriptors or the OS hard limit, whichever is lower for the current process.