Coding Style

These are the style guidelines for coding in Electron.

C++ and Python

For C++ and Python, we follow Chromium's Coding Style. There is also a script script/ to check whether all files conform.

The Python version we are using now is Python 2.7.

The C++ code uses a lot of Chromium's abstractions and types, so it's recommended to get acquainted with them. A good place to start is Chromium's Important Abstractions and Data Structures document. The document mentions some special types, scoped types (that automatically release their memory when going out of scope), logging mechanisms etc.


For CoffeeScript, we follow GitHub's Style Guide and the following rules:

  • Files should NOT end with new line, because we want to match Google's styles.
  • File names should be concatenated with - instead of _, e.g. rather than, because in github/atom module names are usually in the module-name form. This rule only applies to .coffee files.

API Names

When creating a new API, we should prefer getters and setters instead of jQuery's one-function style. For example, .getText() and .setText(text) are preferred to .text([text]). There is a discussion on this.